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Training for orthopedic shoemakers in Southeast Asia

Training for orthopedic shoemakers in Southeast Asia

Thanks to the financial support of the National Postcode Lottery and the expert knowledge of the Dutch Fontys Paramedische Academie, NLR and the Liliane Foundation have, in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, set up the first sustainable international vocational training for orthopedic shoemakers.

Since its foundation in 2014, more than 40 young people from Southeast Asia, some of them with a disability, have successfully completed the training. Back in their homeland, they work as orthopedic shoemakers and help children and adults with foot problems on their way to a better future.

In Southeast Asia, more than 2 million people have foot problems due to severe congenital disorders such as clubfoot or diseases such as leprosy. Until recently is was difficult to find special shoes in these countries, that make these people more mobile again. In addition, there were no orthopedic shoemakers who could design and make this kind of suitable footwear.

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