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Graduation 1st group of Orthopedic Shoe Technology students 17Dec2015


Today, 17 December 2015, the FIRST group of students graduated from the International Training Course Orthopedic Shoe Technology at the Vietnamese Training Center for Orthopedic Technologists (VietCot) in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The 13 students went the past 18 months through a rigorous study and training program and impressed this last week the examination board and exam jury with their newly acquired knowledge and skills, their final presentations and their products: Shoes made for Walking for patients with a variety of foot deformities and walking problems.

In the graduation ceremony this morning at the Vietnamese Training Center for Orthopedic Technologists, the students who all come from different Asian countries and their teachers were applauded for their achievement by the Vice Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam, Dr. Doan Mau Diep, and representatives of IVO (International Body of Orthopedic Shoe Technologists), ISPO (International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics), ICRC (International Committee Red Cross), Fontys University and various other international organizations.

This unique training course, the first international training course in the world in this field, is made possible thanks to a generous grant of the Dutch National Postal Code Lottery.

Knowledge, expertise and curriculum development for the course are provided by the Dutch Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Management of the project under which this international training course has been established is done by the Dutch organizations Netherlands Leprosy Relief and Liliane Foundation.

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