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Future plans of first the studentgroup

Graduation 1st group of Orthopedic Shoe Technology students 17Dec2015

Since December 2015, Southeast Asia has its first, fully trained in Asia, international professional group of Orthopedic Shoemakers!

Read here all about their future plans of the newly graduated orthopedic shoemakers:

Toekomstplannen LynnToekomstplannen EldaLynn (Myanmar): ‘I am going to make orthopedic shoes in my hospital in Mawlamyine for patients there and for the (leprosy) patients in the surroundings’. Elda (India): ‘I am going to work in my organization called the Bethany Society. There I will set up an orthopedic shoe workshop and train my co-​workers. In our center and region there are about 60.000 potential clients for orthopedic footwear’

Toekomstplannen Aye ThetToekomstplannen NiniNiNi en Aye Thet (Myanmar): ‘When we return to Myanmar, we will continue to work in the ‘Disability Resource Center’ in Taungoo in Mon State. There, within an already existing prosthesis workshop, we will set-​up an orthopedic shoe workshop. Our patients and clients are from all over the Mon State. Some of them we will reach using mobile teams’

Toekomstplannen LithkeeToekomstplannen KhoneLithkee en Khone (Laos): ‘After we return, we will start working in the orthopedic workshop of a new center, about 60 km from Vientiane, capital from Laos. The center has several rehabilitation disciplines: physical therapy, occupational therapy and orthopedic devices such as prostheses and also our orthopedic footwear.

Toekomstplannen AnaToekomstplannen RahayuRahayu en Ana (Indonesia): ‘We are going back to work for the Dare Foundation, a ‘social enterprise’ in Jakarta. Since the new insurance system for orthopedic services, there are good marketing opportunities for orthopedic footwear in Indonesia. We especially see potential in the growing diabetic market in Indonesia’

Toekomstplannen RameshworToekomstplannen VictorRameshwor (Nepal): ‘I am going to work in an orthopedic shoe workshop of Stichting Beter Ter Been in Biratnagar, Nepal. There I will train new orthopedic shoemakers for Nepal’. Victor (Philippines): ‘I am going to work for my organization ‘People With Disability’, which distributes aids such as prostheses and soon orthopedic footwear as well’

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