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We would like to introduce you to the people of These shoes are made for walking, who work hard to ensure people with footproblems in Southeast Asia can walk properly again.

Rianne pasfoto

Rianne van Pijkeren, trainer

Rianne (31) has over twelve years experience working as an orthopaedic shoemaker. She uses her expertise to train the students. Next to that, she also trains Hoa and Tuan so that they can work with her as teachers.

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Hoa pasfotoHoa Thi Pham, assistant teacher

Hoa Thi Pham (37) was already working at VIETCOT as a trainer, but will now be trained by Rianne to teach orthopaedic shoe technology, so the work can be devided and continued after the project has finished.

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Tuan pasfoto

Tuan, assistent teacher

Tuan (31) is a specialist in the field of leg braces. Like Hoa, he will be trained to become a teacher in orthopaedic shoe technology during These shoes are made for walking.

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Fred Holtkamp

Fred Holtkamp

Together with Rianne and his colleagues Fons Dehing and Lianne van Dijk, Fred developed the curriculum for These shoes are made for walking.

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Profielfoto Dung

Nguyen Thi Dung

Nguyen Thi Dung works since 2010 as administration staff in VIETCOT: ‘This project can improve the life of people with disabilities by providing them with the orthopedic shoes. I hope this project will be successfully implemented in Vietnam!’

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Profielfoto Willem

Willem Linssen

‘Besides teaching, I also contributed to the development of the clinic. Now a year later I am back at the school where students are trained to become an orthopedic shoemaker’.

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