Hoa: assistive device expert

I like challenges and love to contribute so people with disabilities can walk again. I’m being trained to be an orthopaedic shoe technician and assist the main teacher. For me it’s important to see how orthopaedic shoes and sandals can be combined with braces to correct foot deformity.

For patients, this project is important so they can get support and prevent future foot problems. In Vietnam, people are sensitive about how the shoes look. Not too bulky but more like normal shoes you can just buy in the shop. When I’ll start working as a shoe technician, I’ll make sure the shoes aren’t just functional, but also nice.”

Hoa in actie Leprastichting

With years of experience, Hoa is already an expert in the field of prostheses and ortheses. Here she is assembling a leg prosthesis for a patient in Vietnam. With These shoes are made for walking, Hoa wants to develop her skills in orthopaedic shoe making.

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