The Students

Ana - these shoes are made for walking


Ana is a prothestist and orthotist from Indonesia. Her interest lies in the whole orthopaedic technology field.

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Aye Tet - shoesAye Thet

Aye Thet is a fysiotherapist from Myanmar and has a lot of experience working with disabled people.

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Elda - ShoesEldalyne

Eldalyne is from India and used to train others in how to make leather bags.

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Litkee - shoesLithkee

Lithkee is from Laos and recently graduated in prosthetics and orthotics from VIETCOT.

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Ni Ni - shoesNi Ni

Ni Ni is from Myanmar and used to work in a hospital as a physiotherapist.

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Rahayu - shoesRahayu

Rahayu is form Indonesia en has two years experience working with prostheses and ortheses.

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Rameswohr - shoesRameshwor

Rameshwor is from Nepal and has a great interest in orthopaedic technology.

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Sounakhone - shoesSounakhone

Sounakhone is from Laos and just graduated from the ortheses and prostheses course at VIETCOT.

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Thanh pasfoto Vietnam Shoes v3Thanh

Thanh is from Vietnam and worked as a ortheses and prostheses maker till he started the course.

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Wasim - shoesWasim

Wasim is from India and used to work as an assistant in a workshop where he helped to make prostheses and ortheses.

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Lynn - shoesZin Lynn

Zin Lynn is from Myanmar and used to work in the workshop of a local hospital where she made prostheses.

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