The Students (3rd Class)

Ashad profile photo

Mohammad Ashaduzzaman

Before this program, Mohammad worked in a Rehabilitation Center in Bangladesh.

Deenar profile photoHasan Deenar

Hasan, also from Bangladesh, wants to learn how to help people in his country with foot deformities.

Hien profile photoHuỳnh Văn Hiền

23 year old Huỳnh, from Vietnam, wants to become an orthopaedic shoe technician so he can help patients with disabilities to integrate into the community.

Thang profile photoDo van Thang

Do is 20 years old and from Vietnam: ‘I heard about this course through the Van Tho Rehabilitation center and, as a student, I like to learn new things and get a good job helping people with disabilities’.

Salohiddin profile photoSalohiddin Abdulloev

Salohiddin, 25 years old from Tajikistan, became involved with this progam through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Man profile photoNguyễn Tấn Mẫn

Nguyễn, 41 years old, is from Vietnam: ‘I heard from this project through VIETCOT and some friends. This project is very new in Vietnam in terms of technology and training methodology’.

Maung profile photoLin Phyo Maung

Lin, from Myanmar, is married and 33 years old: ‘I like shoe technology for rehabilitation’.

Sophea profile photoLeng Sophea

Leng from Cambodia was a leprosy patient himself: ‘Now I have a wife and 3 children, but I remember how hard it was, that is why I want to help all (leprosy) patients and make it easier for them to walk’.

Jumakhon profile photoDavlatov Jumakhon

Davlatov, from Tajikistan, is in a wheelchair himself: ‘I want to get the experience from this course to help people like me’.

*More information about the third student group will follow soon.

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