I love the title of this project, ‘These shoes are made for walking’. I am convinced that with my design ideas I can make orthopedic shoes look good, so that people with disabilities are more comfortable wearing them.

I know a lot about shoes and accessories, but I have never made special shoes or worked for people with special needs before. I think that making orthopedic shoes will be a real challenge, because the people I will be making the shoes for rely on the shoes to walk properly.

I am from a poor family, but my father and mother took good care of me and my brother, so it never really felt like we were poor. My dad always said: money and things can get stolen, but knowledge will never get taken from us. That saying still inspires me today.

After I finished school I wanted to become a doctor, but beacuse of financial dificulties I decided to follow Shoe Design education. There I got the opportunity to enrole in this project. Now I can make my dream of helping people with disabilities come true.”

Krishna 800

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